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Sharjah Finance Department participates in the third annual meeting of the Police, Legal and Economic Research Forum

Sharjah Finance Department

Within the framework of social responsibility

Sharjah Finance Department participates in the third annual meeting of the Police, Legal and Economic Research Forum


The Sharjah Finance Department (SFD) participated in the third technical meeting of the Police, Legal and Economic Research Forum (Social Responsibility), which was held at the University of Sharjah. The meeting was organized by the Department of Community Relations for Scientific Research, in cooperation with the Research Institute for Human and Social Sciences, under the auspices of Prof. Dr Hamid Majool Al-Nuaimi, Director of The University of Sharjah, and was attended by a number of business and entrepreneurship institutions, police institutions and courts.

Supporting community partnerships

Aisha Al Shamsi, Payroll Coordinator at the Government of Sharjah’s Finance Department, gave a presentation on the Central Finance Department’s role in supporting community partnerships with public benefit institutions. The presentation also explained the main axes of the Central Finance Department’s role in the region’s wheel of economy.

The importance of supporting the emirate's economy

Aisha Al Shamsi said: "During the meeting, the role of the Sharjah Finance Department from an economic point of view was reviewed, such as the importance of the Department’s support of the economy following the exceptional circumstances faced due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many topics were discussed during the meeting, such as the first and second stimulus packages that were issued by the Sharjah Government to offer a helping hand to many businesses and industries during the pandemic, in addition to reviewing government spending and reducing costs to enhance financial stability."

The participation of the SFD at the meeting came within the framework of the joint memorandum of understanding between the Department and the University of Sharjah, to consolidate joint work and exchange professional experiences. This is in addition to the department's belief in the importance of scientific research and its great role in developing financial work to improve and increase productivity.

The SFD is working to achieve a number of strategic objectives, including: managing, developing and providing cash liquidity; developing a performance budget system; implementing integrated and effective financial policies; building a global model in public finance; enabling smart transformation; and implementing seven-star services, in addition to strengthening the internal control system, empowering national human resources through developing a culture of innovation.