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About the service

Website for Vendors and contractors accredited to the Central Department of Finance, each Vendor has a user name and password as found in the collection card, through which the Vendor can follow all payments and financial dues and provide invoices with the possibility to modify some of its information You can also view the available prices and offer prices through the portal.

Service description​​

This screen shows the Vendor's information, as entered from the Vendor at the vendor registration site, and its evaluation for a particular department or all departments. If you modify one of the data on this page, and Vendor can edit his IBAN

And shows the price requests available to the Vendor or contractor according to the category and category of the Vendor or contractor, with the possibility of offering prices according to the available orders

This screen shows the price quotes provided by the Vendor, and the color changes to green if approved in the discharge document in Integrity

This screen shows the vendor's outbound purchase orders

The vendor on this screen enters the suggestions, enters the subject of the proposal (the title), writes the proposal in the Proposal Description box, and has the option to modify or delete the proposal

The vendor registers with the departments:
  • Works Department
  • Department of Housing
  • Sharjah Municipality

The Vendor or contractor is registered and accredited by the Central Finance Department and have A Tahseel card.

Required Documents

No document required

Service Channels

100% online service

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Target audience:​

Supplier and contractors

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