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Global financial leadership
To develop innovative technologies that achieve financial stability and sustainability
Financial stability and sustainability
  • Managing, developing and providing cash liquidity
  • implementing integrated and effective financial policies
  • developing a performance budget system
Innovative financial services
  • building a global model in public finance
  • enabling smart transformation
  • implementing seven-star services
An innovative financial environment
  • strengthening the internal control system
  • innovation and corporate performance management and developing culture of excellence.
  • empowering national human resources
Achieve the vision and directions of the Emirate of Sharjah surrounding community involvement
  • Qualifying innovative, specialized and leadership human resources
  • developing a secure technological infrastructure that meets the aspirations of the future
  • strengthening strategic partnerships
  • developing data analysis techniques
Optimal use of resources
  • supporting the emirate’s approaches in matters of science, culture and human importance
  • creating an attractive and supportive environment for learning and sustainable community work