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Vendors & Contractors Registration


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About the service

The main objective of the service is to facilitate and expedite the process of registering and approving the information of vendors and contractors in the Government of Sharjah in order to allow the Vendor or contractor to deal with government departments and to submit quotations and tenders available at Sharjah government departments

To fill-in basic information such as name, telephone numbers, fax, e-mail, etc., and the possession of a collection card is determined or not, where if

To fill-in commercial license, the room membership certificate (optional)

Fill-in the following information:
  • The name of the bank in Arabic
  • The name of the bank in English
  • Account name
  • The name of the supplier or contractor according to the bank in English
  • IBAN Number
  • Swift number
  • An official letter from the bank explaining the bank statements


If the supplier has a Tahseel card, his / her reference number will appear on the system to inquire about the status of the registration application after the information has been approved by the relevant departments of the central finance

If the supplier does not have a Tahseel card, the supplier will be transferred to a collection location to pay for a collection card

  1. Non-delivery only after receiving the purchase order
  2. The supplier is committed to supply the materials according to the period specified in the purchase order
  3. It is obliged to provide bank guarantee for the payments made
  4. Notify the Suppliers' Department of the official letter in the event of any change in the company's data from the trade name or bank statements or contact details
  5. Suppliers of government agencies are registered in liaison with the Central Finance Department
Required Documents
  1. A copy of the valid trade license and a copy of the valid membership of the chamber (optional)
  2. An overview of the company's activity
  3. A copy of the Agency's exclusive certificate of products issued by the Ministry of Economy
  4. An official letter from the bank explaining the bank statements, the IBAN number and the Swift code
  5. A collection fee of AED 210 is not refundable
  6. A certified copy of the partnership agreement for limited liability companies
Service time

1 to 2 working days

Service Channels​

100% online service

Link to the current Service

Vendors & Contractors Registration Link


Fees AED 210 and it is not refundable

Target audience:

Supplier and contractors​

Manual Use​​ :