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The Sharjah Finance Department completes the first phase of linking its services to the 'Digital Identity'

Sharjah Finance Department


In line with UAE Vision 2021

The Sharjah Finance Department completes the first phase of linking its services to the 'Digital Identity'


In partnership with the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA), Smart Dubai and Abu Dhabi Digital Authority (ADDA), the Sharjah Finance Department recently launched the first phase of linking its services to the Digital Identity, providing customers with secure access to the services of the two smart delivery systems (Tahseel) and the government financial system (Takamul) via smartphones. The one-time login application maintains a high degree of confidentiality while providing security and ease of use.


The Digital Identity is the first national digital identity for all citizens and residents of the United Arab Emirates and allows users to access the services of local and federal government agencies and other service providers, verify their credentials and digitally sign documents in simple and secure ways via smartphone technology.


Huda Al Yasi, Director of Financial System Department at Sharjah Finance Department, affirmed the department's keenness to lead in smart digital services by employing advanced technology, to enhance the customer experience by achieving digital connectivity and integration with government partners and agencies in the emirate. The Digital Identity is the latest in the digital transformation process that the department looks forward to comprehensively implementing in the coming months.


Al Yasi pointed out that the Digital Identity not only allows access to various electronic services through one platform, but also gives customers an easy and smooth experience, saving them time and effort, giving them the flexibility to use the digital signature, reducing the pressure on service centers, and contributing directly to protecting the environment by limiting the use of paper documentation.


Building a sustainable digital future

For his part, Eng. Mohammed Al Zarooni, Director of Policies and Programs Department at the TRA, said: "The Digital Identity project embodies the directives of the wise leadership towards building a sustainable digital future and providing easy, fast and interactive government services that provide happiness to customers. Digital Identity evidences the effective partnership between all sectors operating in the country to facilitate the provision of services to customers. It offers an advanced means to complete transactions in various departments and institutions, and today we congratulate the Finance Department in Sharjah for launching the first phase of linking its services to the Digital Identity, which reflects its great efforts towards achieving the state's goals in digital transformation and achieving sustainable development. We, in the TRA, are fully prepared to provide all necessary support to enable the digital identity to fully connect with all services provided in the public and private sectors."


Development of government service sectors

On her part, Aisha Al Marzouqi, Executive Director of the Government Services Sector at ADDA, praised the tangible achievement of the Digital Identity initiative, which came as a result of concerted local and federal government efforts to improve the government service sector in the United Arab Emirates and enhance customer happiness in a way that contributes to the development of sectors.


Al-Marzouqi said: "The Digital Identity initiative reflects the directives of the wise leadership towards building a sustainable digital future and providing easy, fast and interactive government services in a way that provides happiness to customers, as the Digital Identity embodies the principle of partnership between the government and the private sectors, and here we see government agencies and old private institutions We have participated in the march of digital development, based on our awareness that the digital society is established in cooperation between all sectors.


Supporting the comprehensive digital transformation process in the UAE

In her turn, Meera Sultan, Director of Smart Services Enablement Department at Smart Dubai, said that the Digital Identity project greatly supports the process of comprehensive digital transformation in the UAE. It also enhances joint government cooperation to provide innovative initiatives that allow customers to access more than 5,000 services provided by government, semi-government and private agencies, through their websites and applications easily and seamlessly, using a single user name and password.

She added, "Smart Dubai is working in cooperation with its strategic partners to develop the Digital Identity project permanently, to ensure the inclusion of more entities and institutions within the project, while expanding the number and areas of services that can be accessed through the Digital Identity, which currently allows users to digitally authenticate and sign documents and request official documents in their name."


The link with the Digital Identity is a fundamental pillar to enable government work to achieve the goals of the UAE Vision 2021, the UAE Centennial 2071, sustainable development, accelerate the digital transformation in government services, reduce paper transactions, make customers happy, save time and effort, and achieve the best results according to the global competitiveness standards for smart cities.


The Finance Department announced that the first stage of the application of the Digital Identity will be through the customers of the smart receipt system portal (Tahseel) and the second stage through the dealers of the supplier portal in the government financial system (Takamul), provided that users of the Digital Identity are enabled to access to all electronic and digital services at a later time.


The vision of the Sharjah Finance Department is to seek financial leadership towards globalization, by developing innovative technologies to achieve three main strategic objectives: financial stability and sustainability, innovative financial services, and a stimulating internal environment.


The department works to achieve many strategic goals that lie in managing, developing and providing cash liquidity, developing a performance budget system, implementing integrated and effective financial policies, building a global model in public finances, enabling smart transformation, implementing seven-star services, in addition to strengthening the control system. Interior, empowering national human resources, developing a culture of excellence, innovation and managing institutional performance.


About Digital Identity

The Digital Identity is the first secure national digital identity for citizens and residents of the United Arab Emirates, which allows individuals registered in its application to access more than 5,000 services provided by the government, semi-governmental and private agencies, through their websites and applications. It also allows them to digitally sign and authenticate documents and transactions and enables them to request a digital copy of official documents issued in their name.


The Digital Identity was launched in 2018 during GITEX Technology Week, in partnership between the TRA, ADDA and Smart Dubai. The 'Digital Identity' project also supports key strategic partners of Smart Dubai, including the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, the Dubai Electronic Security Center and the digital authorities in the seven emirates of the country