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SFD organizes its first financial forum

Sharjah Finance Department

SFD organizes its first financial forum in 2020

Starting from Tuesday 19 May 2020, Sharjah Finance Department (SFD) organized its first financial meeting for 2020, with the participation of Sharjah government departments and bodies and the Forum team, in addition to a number of financial departments and officials.

A group of speakers will participate in the meeting, which will last for six days until 24 May 2020, over two hours a day.

Sheikh Rashid bin Saqr Al Qasimi, Chairman of the Financial Forum team, stressed that the Finance Department is always striving to complete its normal business in accordance with the usual plans and without any delay that may affect the departments ’work and its accomplishments. Added that this way to prevent the outbreak of the new Coronavirus, So the forum is held every three months, which aims to develop work mechanisms and communication methods and implement plans to develop financial work in the emirate, in addition to informing the departments, government agencies and their employees about the best financial practices, to ensure their application walking with the Sharjah government directives to achieve leadership and sustainability.

The forum will address several topics related to the work of the departments remotely under the current conditions, the first of which are the salary and wage procedures, the mechanism for approving the monthly salary move remotely and the related changes in account numbers for new appointments, by government agency accountants, as well as exchange procedures related to stopping some items, according to law No. 6 of 2020 regarding current spending control measures.

The forum will address the issue of budgeting and financial planning, explaining law No. 6 of 2020, regarding spending control procedures, under the current circumstances, with the impact of the current situation on requests for addition, for jobs and other additions to transfers, while responding to inquiries received regarding expenses, and more.

The forum targets the government departments and bodies in Sharjah, and its organization came as one of the important periodic activities, within the plan of communication between the central finance department and government departments, to follow up on all work and discuss all matters that are in the interest of developing work mechanisms.