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Google Pay

Sharjah Finance Department

SFD launches digital payment in "Tahseel" through "Google Pay"


Sharjah Finance Department (SFD), in smart receipt system "Tahseel", launched a channel for digital payment through "Google Pay", in cooperation with Mashreq Bank, to support the UAE’s directions to reduce the emerging Coronavirus, and in support of the directives of the Sharjah government at work remotely, and facilitate the customers of "Tahseel" in carrying out their governmental business.

(Google Pay) works similarly to the previous idea of digital wallets in the smart receipt system, as it guarantees a safe environment for remote payment, in addition to facilitating the completion of financial transactions.

"Tahseel" customers can pay through the digital wallets (Google Pay), in addition to (Apple Pay) and (Samsung Pay), to pay government fees in the Emirate of Sharjah.

Huda Al Yasi, Director of Financial System Department in the Finance Department in Sharjah, stressed that the department is always making endeavors to launch distinguished services, which benefit companies, individuals, and even government agencies, and work to support their businesses and complete their transactions with high professionalism.

The Smart Delivery System - Achievement is aimed at enhancing the efficiency of the financial system, enabling it to operate in accordance with best practices and quality and safety standards.

The system provides several methods of payment, including the "Tahseel" clients account, credit cards by linking with the e-Mashreq services for Mashreq Bank, and bank accounts for clients, in addition to the strategic partnership with Sharjah Islamic Bank in activating the link with the direct debit services provided by the central bank and providing all receipt services smartphone.