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Abiding by highest international standards of health and safety

Sharjah Finance Department

Abiding by highest international standards of health and safety

Sharjah Finance Department employees returned to work on Sunday


Sharjah Finance Department (SFD) employees returned back to work starting June 14. Aligning with the directives of the Sharjah Executive Council and regulations of their internal Directorate of human resources, the headquarters of SFD is expected to operate at 30% capacity.


Badr Al Ali, director of strategy and excellence department, said, "In line with the directives of the Sharjah Government, and to ensure the safety of employees and customers all necessary equipment has been provided complying with the highest international standards. Additionally, the department is taking all precautionary measures and adopting occupational health and safety protocols, to provide a healthy and safe work environment that ensures efficient management of business operations. All employees at SFD, in the past have received training to deal and overcome such complex circumstances."


Ali also acknowledged the contribution of the top leadership in assisting teams during these trying conditions, thus helping conduct business operations efficiently and effectively.


Comprehensive preventive measures and measures

Aisha Abdullah, director of support services, said: "The building has been thoroughly sanitized and thermal devices have been installed across all entrances to measure the temperature of employees before they enter the building. Additionally, posters and banners outlining the importance of adapting precautionary measures, using hand sanitizers and maintaining social distancing are on display across the building."

Huda Alyasi, director of financial system department, said: "SFD has an advanced technical work structure in place that made it easier for all employees working remotely during the last couple of weeks. We are delighted to welcome back our employees and really appreciate all their efforts despite the circumstances that helped keep business afloat. SFD takes pride in its comprehensive financial system that has helped serve over 100 government agencies."



Integrated business plan

Maitha Al Tunaiji, deputy chairman of the business continuity team, said: "The remote work system has been successfully implemented and an integrated business plan has been prepared allowing the gradual return to work life. The plan outlines some of the important aspects required for an easy transition back to workplace life, including adopting the best practices that ensure continual safety of all employees upon their return."

The Sharjah Finance Department is working to manage, develop and provide cash liquidity, develop a performance balance system, implement integrated and effective financial policies, build a global model in public finance, enable smart transformation, and implement seven-star services, in addition to strengthening the internal control system and enabling citizenship human resources, developing a culture of excellence and innovation and managing institutional performance.