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Sharjah Finance Department launches a new edition of Internal Awards Project to promote excellence, creativity, and innovation among its employees

Sharjah Finance Department


Lauds employee performance, promotes a culture of excellence

Sharjah Finance Department launches a new edition of Internal Awards Project to promote excellence, creativity, and innovation among its employees


The Sharjah Finance Department (SFD) launched its fourth edition of Internal Awards Project that recognizes exceptional employee performance and outstanding projects. The Internal Awards Project, which spans over four days, is in line with the department’s vision and mission, and an integral part of their strategic plan for 2019-2021. With the awards, the SFD leadership intends to develop and promote a culture of excellence, innovation, creativity, and quality service within the department.


Sheikh Rashid Al Qasimi, Director of the Budget Department, Aisha Abdullah Al Hosani, Secretary-General of the Internal Awards Project, the team of the General Secretariat for Internal Awards, a large number of department heads, and a group of department employees attended the ceremony.


Strengthening Sharjah’s position in all sectors

In her speech during the ceremony, Aisha Al Hosani, Secretary-General of the Awards, emphasized that excellence is a professional responsibility and a national duty. It is the kind of industriousness and baseline for success that the department seeks to achieve in all areas.


Towards the end of the speech, she addressed the department’s employees and said: "We are proud of your efforts. Your exceptional work ethic will continue to be a source of inspiration for everyone. Creativity, excellence, innovation, quality, and accuracy will remain our means to carry out our mission and achieve our goals."


She indicated that the department believes in its cadres and provides a stimulating work environment for them, along with the tools necessary to enhance the efficiency of Sharjah’s financial sector.


This is in line with the vision of His Highness Sheikh Dr Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Sharjah, and per the department's mission is to achieve financial stability and sustainability. This approach has contributed to many noteworthy achievements, increased the number of customers and their level of satisfaction, and enhanced the emirate's position in all sectors. Moreover, this method has achieved better financial performance for the government.




An integrated methodology for internal awards

During the ceremony, the Secretary-General also shed light on the integrated methodology used for the internal awards and the criteria that were followed in finalizing the awards for various categories. She also spoke about defining and updating their objectives, forming and approving support teams, and other steps that were taken in developing the awards based on past successful experiences.


Award categories

Members of the General Secretariat team responsible for the Internal Awards Project explained the various award categories and levels.


There are 11 awards in total; the distinguished financial manager, the distinguished administrative manager/ the distinguished technical director, the distinguished head of the financial department, the distinguished head of the administrative department/ the distinguished technical department head, and the distinguished financial employee, the distinguished administrative employee, the distinguished technical employee, the distinguished new financial employee, the distinguished new administrative employee/ the distinguished new technical employee, the distinguished supportive employee, and the unknown soldier in the department.


The team also spoke during the ceremony about the terms, conditions, and standards that have been set for each category and the procedures that are followed from an administrative and technical standpoint. The ceremony also included competitions that culminated in a group of male and female employees receiving valuable prizes.


The Sharjah Finance Department is working to achieve a number of strategic objectives that include managing, developing and providing cash liquidity; developing a performance budget system; implementing integrated and effective financial policies; building a global model in public finance; enabling smart transformation; and implementing seven-star services, in addition to strengthening the internal control system; empowering national human resources; developing a culture of excellence and innovation; and managing institutional performance.