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Sharjah Finance Department


With more than 200 attendees

Sharjah Finance department holds its third virtual financial forum for 2021


As part of its ongoing efforts to improve its financial performance, the Sharjah Finance Department (SFD) recently organized the third virtual financial forum for 2021, with more than 200 members from various authorities, bodies and institutions within the Emirate in attendance.

The forum discussed various important topics, most notably those from the ambassadors of finance, including the accounts guide, the accounts tree, final accounts, and the integration program. In addition to this, details were given regarding a project to provide secure communication for the Department’s systems via a virtual application.

Using the best technologies and practices in government financial work systems

Huda Al Yasi, Director of Financial System Department at Sharjah Finance Department, said: "We are keen to continue to organize these forums on a regular basis. This particular forum discussed a range of topics aimed at improving financial performance, enhancing the efficiency of financial procedures in government departments, and achieving the highest levels of progress, renaissance, investment and financial stability for the Emirate. We want to see the provision of the finest services, along with the continuance of work excellence aimed at developing the government’s financial system for the Emirate, and we intend to achieve this using only the best contemporary technologies and practices within the government’s financial work systems."

Lively discussions

Huda Al Yasi indicated that the discussions, questions and information at the forum were important and profound. There were many suggestions and initiatives, as well as a host of creative and innovative ideas that could contribute greatly to translating the Department’s vision of becoming a global financial leader. This included the development of innovative technologies to achieve financial stability and sustainability, all of which have been based on the highly futuristic vision and directives of His Highness Sheikh Dr Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Sharjah.

Default app

The forum touched on the secure communication project through the virtual application, which has been developed to fulfil the government’s ambition to provide a safe work environment for systems and programs. The software enables users to access the department’s data and programs remotely, instead of having to connect directly within the department.

Benefits of the default app

The forum also dealt with the tangible benefits of the virtual application, most notably its central administration ability which contributes to managing the system, and effectively addressing and solving problems. The application provides a safe work environment across operating systems and networks, with the multi-program systems all contributing greatly towards reducing costs and saving time and effort.


Outstanding Financial Performance Award

At the conclusion of the forum, the Distinguished Financial Performance Award was discussed. This award aims to contribute to enhancing the optimal investment of financial and human resources in Sharjah. Through this award, the Government of Sharjah seeks to make qualitative leaps in governmental institutional performance, and to honor distinguished institutions and individuals throughout the financial field. It also seeks to recognize their efforts in raising the level of resource management and preserving publicly accountable money.

The award is based on the highest international standards of excellence and the best regional practices in this field and is considered a stimulating tool for continuously improving and upgrading financial procedures.


The vision of the Sharjah Finance Department is to seek financial leadership towards globalization, by developing innovative technologies to achieve three main strategic objectives: financial stability and sustainability, innovative financial services, and a stimulating internal environment.